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Domestic Helper Service

Chez Vous’ Domestic Helper Service is designed for busy families who need versatile all-round help from a dedicated Filipina Domestic Helper. This service is an innovative addition in the Babysitting Service range to respond to the hectic lifestyles of foreign families living in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Enjoy the comfort of our staff being on hand to provide integrated assistance with the child-care and housekeeping duties. Whatever your needs may be, and as your domestic situation develops…you can feel assured that a Chez Vous Domestic Helper will be there to help your home life run smoothly.




  Perfect for busy homes where Mom or Dad have errands to run and require all-round assistance with housekeeping and babysitting.

  Get extra help dropping-off or picking kids up from school and during the hectic periods, e.g. on school holidays and over dinner time.

  English and Japanese-speaking Filipina staff can be arranged to assist with settling-in and day-to-day errands, especially for newcomers to Japan.

  Screened, trained and registered Filipina Domestic Helpers – all with correct working visas (e.g. Permanent, Long-term Residents, Spouse Visas). We do not hire Filipinas sponsored by private families or embassies (e.g. designated activities/during mission visas).

  Can be used in conjunction with Babysitting Service Discount Coupons.




 1 or 2 Children

 3 Children +

(9am - 5pm)



(5am - 9am,5pm - 10pm)


Please ask for details

(10pm - 5am)



* Minimum service is from 3 hours.

* Prices are not inclusive of consumption tax.

* Transportation charge: +¥1,000(tax inc.) per visit (fixed)

* Holiday service surcharge (Sundays and national Holidays): + ¥2,000(not inclusive of tax)

* Prices are charged based on 15-minute increments

* For safety reasons, in certain cases Chez Vous may need to send two sitters to take care of three children.

Becoming a Member


Chez Vous Regular Babysitter Service is offered on a membership basis. We invite you to try out the service three times under our Trial Package to ensure you are happy with the service, then the following membership fees will be applied on the fourth time of use.

 Registration Fee   ¥35,000 (one time) *not inclusive of tax

 Annual Fee           ¥15,000 (every year) *not inclusive of tax

Please note these fees may be discounted, if you are referred by various welfare benefit organizations or other Chez Vous partners. Please ask for more details.

* Membership Fees include service setting-up costs, coordination costs and accidental damage insurance.

* Registration Fee is charged just one time.

* Membership is available for clients using at least 12 hours of service per calendar month.

As a member of Chez Vous Babysitting Service, you have access to the following benefits:

  Approx. 10% discount on Chez Vous House Cleaning PRO Service

  FREE Housekeeping Service Registration Fee (saving ¥7,500 *not inclusive of tax).

  Access to other special campaigns and promotional offers

Service Hours & Cancellation Policy


 Service Availability: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Cancellation Policy (from April 1, 2014)

* A cancellation fee of ¥5,000 will be charged for cancellations made after 6pm of previous 2 business days until 90 minutes before the scheduled service.

* If you cancel within 90 minutes of the scheduled start time, ¥5,000 plus ¥1,000 (tax inc.) transportation fee will be charged.

* For Monday services, cancellation charge will be applied after 6pm on the Thursday before.

* For any National Holiday service or the day after the Holiday, a cancellation charge will be applied after 6pm on 2 business days prior to the service date.