Housekeeping Trial Package

Autumn is here and it's the perfect time to get nice long bath!
Why not get the bathroom, toilet and kitchen cleaned and refreshed?!
Don't miss this special offer NOW!!



 ◆Kitchen:       ¥14,850/1unit (Regular ¥16,500/unit)

 ◆Bathroom:    ¥17,820/1unit (Regular ¥19,800/unit)

 ◆Toilet:         ¥8,100/1unit (Regular ¥9,000/unit)

 ◆Washroom:   ¥7,200/1unit (Regular ¥8,000/unit)

 ※For refrigerator, rangehood, grill cleaning inquiries, please contact us for details.

 ※Accepted service from ¥14,400.

 ※A prior assessment may be needed to be schedeled.

Service Hours


Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 — 18:00

Please contact for service on Sat., Sun., Holidays and before/after hours

Promotion Period


Orders received by October 31, 2011

Payment Method


Bank transfer or Cash is accepted

To speak with a coordinator 0120-699-100 Online Order/Inquiry

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