End of the Year Cleaning

One more month for year!
Why not leave your cleaning to Chez Vous and you take care of work and personal needs?
Let's clean and refresh for the New Year!

Water Area Plan


Individual Plan  (Services will be made for orders above ¥10,000.)


Bathroom Rangehood Balcony

standard ¥19,800/unit

Special Price


standard ¥16,500/unit

Special Price


standard ¥10,000/10㎡

Special Price

Kitchen Toilet Window

standard ¥16,500/unit

Special Price


standard ¥9,000/unit

Special Price


standard ¥10,000/10㎡

Special Price

Aircon(Wall) Aircon(Ceiling)

standard ¥13,750/unit

Special Price


standard ¥22,000/unit

Special Price

Promotion Period


Orders received by December 29, 2011

Payment Method


All prices are inclusive tax.

Service hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9:00-18:00.

Assessments are required prior to service.

Service is usually done by a minimum of 2 staff.

For refrigerator and grill cleaning, please inquire.

All prices are based on normal/regular conditions.

Parking fees may be applied if parking not available.

To speak with a coordinator 0120-699-100 Online Order/Inquiry

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