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Spring Cleaning Special Offer お得なエアコンクリーニングプラン

Due to popular demand, we have extended our Aircon Deep Cleaning Promo!
Feel free to consult about pollen and radiation effects of the aircon!

Wall-type Aircon

Deep Cleaning
¥13,750 per unit
¥21,750/2 units
¥31,750円/3 units

Celling-type Aircon

Deep Cleaning
¥22,000 per unit
¥35,000/2 units
¥50,000/3 units

For filter cleaning, ¥10,000 for units.

For filter cleaning, ¥15,000 for units.


2,000yen discount for cleaning more than 2 air-con units!


Need help assembling furniture or re-arranging your furniture?
We offer Handyman service as well!

House Cleaning (Total Home Clean)

Standard Pricing
・Move-out / Pre-move (empty room)
from¥50,000/2LDK ~
・Total Cleaning with furniture
from¥77,000/2LDK ~


from¥15,500 per visit
(Sandard pricing ¥16,500~)
Assembling beds, picture/mirror hanging, and etc.
We also do requests for Earthquake proofing!

All prices include tax.

Assessments are required prior to service.

Service is usually done by a minimum of 2 staff.

For refrigerator and grill cleaning, please inquire.

All prices are based on normal/refular conditions.

Parking fees may be applied if parking not available.