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Full-time Jobs (Direct contract)

Job Description

Working full-time on a direct contract with one family to assist with child-care (babysitting) and / or housekeeping. This is similar to a mother's job!

Working Hours

8 hours per day, 5days a week.
This depends on the family's needs.

Salary Information

(Upon clients' discretion: Annual Bonus + Paid Vacation
The salary is based on your level of skills/experience.


a) Resident Visa holder (permanent, long-term, spouse visa only)
b) Experience in housekeeping and babysitting needed (caregiver ok)

This job is ideal for those who:

a) Have experience as a professional domestic helper or caregiver (in Japan or abroad), or people who have raised their own children and who have the time to devote to help another family.
b) Love kids and enjoy working in the home.
c) Want to help other families
d) Are looking for a long-term stable position.


Full time Caregiver

We are hiring full time caregivers (care giving license level 2holders) for private homes in Tokyo area. If you are interested, please contact the HR department.


Concierge at Hotels and high quality residences

If you are interested in building your career in the field of hospitality, this is an opportunity for you. JLPT N3 or above is required. Hospitality background and related work experience is preferable.
For details, please call the HR department.