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8 merits of working at Chez Vous:

#1 「Find Clients Easily」


You may think that Internet "Matching Sites" are a good solution because it seems to be easier with a better wage. However, if you use these sites, you are "on your own". To find work, you don't choose your clients. You have to be chosen by clients whom you don't know, making it very difficult. At Chez Vous, we have work for you, and you don't have to worry about "marketing yourself "on those sites - we do it for you!

#2 「Flexible Schedule and Locations」


We have various clients in various sites around Tokyo and Yokohama area. You can choose work time and work place according to your schedule!

#3 「Stable Work」


We can provide you stable work as well as one-time orders. Most of our clients use our services on regular basis (e.g. twice a week) so you can work on a regular schedule. For example, one of our staff has been working for the same clients for more than 5 years! Regular work makes your job easier as you will get used to working at the same clients/houses.

#4 「High Quality Clients」


The majority of our clients are aged from around thirty to late fifties. They are working couples, executives, company owners, specialists and celebrities. We offer services to high-end clients served by our trained professionals.

#5 「Support and Insurance in Case of Damage」


Our insurance covers accidents and damages that might happen at the clients' home. We provide support and communication with clients to solve those cases.

#6 「Staff Support」


We have a team of experienced coordinators who are in charge of staff/client coordination and support. All of our coordinators are bilinguals and are always here to provide support and assistance so that you can start and work smoothly at Chez Vous.

#7 「Foreign Clients for Easier Communication」


It is possible to allocate you to our foreign clients where you may feel less culture conflict and language barrier. Japanese language ability is not required to work at Chez Vous.

#8 「Company History」


We are here to serve our clients for more than 10 years since 2004. We are a pioneer in working with foreign staff. You will not be a minority at Chez Vous - we have more than 100 foreign staff registered, and approximately 60 foreign staff members are regularly working at Chez Vous. We welcome foreign candidates and value different cultures and backgrounds.